Palantir- seeing too much or just enough?

What is Palantir? Palantir Technologies is a public American software company that specializes in big data analytics. It performs a deep search of all criminal, financial, medical, communication, and clandestine agency records on the target.  Did you know? The company’s tech helped locate Osama bin Laden in 2011 and is being used to trace COVID-19Continue reading “Palantir- seeing too much or just enough?”

A brief overview of the industrials sector

The industrials sector covers a wide range of companies that produce goods for manufacturing, construction and resource extraction, such as equipment and machinery. The overall performance of the sector is correlated to the supply and demand for the manufacturing of specific products usually interwoven with general trends of growth or rescission in the markets. SomeContinue reading “A brief overview of the industrials sector”

CDPQ completes Acquisition of Greater Changhua 1 Offshore Wind Farm 

DEAL OVERVIEW Acquirer: CDPQ  Target: 50% stake in Greater Changhua 1 Offshore Wind Farm (owned by Ørsted)  Value: $2.68 billion  Announced date: January 11th 2021  Closed date: Ongoing  Financial Advisors: Deutsche Bank for CDPQ  Legal Counsel: Clifford Chance for CDPQ, Allen & Overy for Ørsted  COMPANY DETAILS Acquiring company: CDPQ CDPQ is an institutional investor and asset manager that serves over 6 million Quebecers, and holds over 40 retirement and insurance plans. TheContinue reading “CDPQ completes Acquisition of Greater Changhua 1 Offshore Wind Farm “

Do you know the identity of the whale behind the Dogecoin?

The Dogecoin bullish wave is over or a pullback after two months of unparalleled growth. In any case, the last fall of Dogecoin reminded us how fragile the crypto doge is. It took Elon Musk’s circus for her to lose 20 cents. There is not just that ! The fear that the major Dogecoin investorContinue reading “Do you know the identity of the whale behind the Dogecoin?”

Microsoft to acquire Nuance Communication for $20bn to advance cloud and AI services for its healthcare customers.

DEAL OVERVIEW Acquirer: MicrosoftTarget: Nuance CommunicationEstimated value of merger: $19.7 billionDate of transaction: Q4 2021Financial advisor to Microsoft: Goldman Sachs & Co. LLCFinancial advisor to Nuance Communications: Evercore On April 12th 2021, Microsoft Corp and Nuance Communications announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will acquire Nuance for $56.00 per shareContinue reading “Microsoft to acquire Nuance Communication for $20bn to advance cloud and AI services for its healthcare customers.”

The PROBLEMATIC Art of Deep Learning

Jobin Reji – King’s College London Introduction Artificial Intelligence has two sub-sectors, as we found out in the last article. General AI and Applied AI, machine learning came under the topic of General AI. General AI is the implementation of computational thinking by computers that a human would have programmed. This concept of human thinkingContinue reading “The PROBLEMATIC Art of Deep Learning”

Robinhood to provide 24/7 support to users

Who is Robinhood? Robinhood is a fintech brokerage company that offers commission-free trading, providing an online platform enabling customers to trade stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs – a type of security that tracks a particular index/commodity/sector which can be purchased and traded in the same way as a conventional stock) and options. The business also offersContinue reading “Robinhood to provide 24/7 support to users”

The blockchain ecosystem holds up in Switzerland

Blockchain chronicle. For more than four years, Switzerland has hosted a large number of projects. Overview of this high potential ecosystem. 840 companies active in blockchain and cryptocurrency is the surprising figure shared by the Swiss Blockchain Federation last year. That is more than 4,400 jobs in the Zug crypto-valley alone.   Finma’s responsiveness inContinue reading “The blockchain ecosystem holds up in Switzerland”

Klrana: buy now, pay later

Leave a Comment / FinTech Division / By Thomas Tang Overview – What is Klarna? Klarna Bank AB (Klarna) is a fintech company founded in 2005, based in Sweden. It aims to make a more effortless and safer online shopping experience for its customers. Klarna now has more than 250,000 businesses globally with over 90 million active customers, becomingContinue reading “Klrana: buy now, pay later”


Overview Lululemon Athletica (NASDAQ: LULU) is a multinational athletic apparel company founded in 1998. In its early developmental years, Lululemon centred around yoga wear and yoga pants, but has since ventured into a versatile selection of activewear, lifestyle apparel and sports accessories for women and men alike. Lululemon itself is a pioneering and well-loved athleisureContinue reading “Lululemon Athletica (NASDAQ: LULU), THE ATHLEISURE PIONEER IS MORE THAN JUST YOGA PANTS”