Introduction to Decentralized Finance

The termThe term DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance, was introduced in August 2018 in a Telegram chat between developers and entrepreneurs at Ethereum, including Inje Yeo from Set Protocol, Blake Henderson from 0x and Brendan Forster from Dharma. They discussed what to call the open finance application movement based on Ethereum. Other options considered wereContinue reading “Introduction to Decentralized Finance”

Do you know the identity of the whale behind the Dogecoin?

The Dogecoin bullish wave is over or a pullback after two months of unparalleled growth. In any case, the last fall of Dogecoin reminded us how fragile the crypto doge is. It took Elon Musk’s circus for her to lose 20 cents. There is not just that ! The fear that the major Dogecoin investorContinue reading “Do you know the identity of the whale behind the Dogecoin?”

The PROBLEMATIC Art of Deep Learning

Jobin Reji – King’s College London Introduction Artificial Intelligence has two sub-sectors, as we found out in the last article. General AI and Applied AI, machine learning came under the topic of General AI. General AI is the implementation of computational thinking by computers that a human would have programmed. This concept of human thinkingContinue reading “The PROBLEMATIC Art of Deep Learning”

Robinhood to provide 24/7 support to users

Who is Robinhood? Robinhood is a fintech brokerage company that offers commission-free trading, providing an online platform enabling customers to trade stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs – a type of security that tracks a particular index/commodity/sector which can be purchased and traded in the same way as a conventional stock) and options. The business also offersContinue reading “Robinhood to provide 24/7 support to users”

The blockchain ecosystem holds up in Switzerland

Blockchain chronicle. For more than four years, Switzerland has hosted a large number of projects. Overview of this high potential ecosystem. 840 companies active in blockchain and cryptocurrency is the surprising figure shared by the Swiss Blockchain Federation last year. That is more than 4,400 jobs in the Zug crypto-valley alone.   Finma’s responsiveness inContinue reading “The blockchain ecosystem holds up in Switzerland”

Klrana: buy now, pay later

Leave a Comment / FinTech Division / By Thomas Tang Overview – What is Klarna? Klarna Bank AB (Klarna) is a fintech company founded in 2005, based in Sweden. It aims to make a more effortless and safer online shopping experience for its customers. Klarna now has more than 250,000 businesses globally with over 90 million active customers, becomingContinue reading “Klrana: buy now, pay later”

Goldman’s turn to Expand into FinTech consumer banking

By Ismail Berbache, on 15/09/21 Goldman Sachs is acquiring FinTech GreenSky for $2.24 billion. The all-stock deal for GreenSky called the biggest FinTech platform for home improvement loans in a release announcing the transaction, is expected to close by the first quarter of 2022. Goldman Sachs will pay 0.03 share of its common stock forContinue reading “Goldman’s turn to Expand into FinTech consumer banking”

Robo Advisors – the future of financial advising?

What is Robo-Advising? Robo advisors are software platforms that use algorithms to offer automated investment services with minimal human input. They often get clients to answer short surveys regarding their financial position and their aims for the future which are then utilised to provide help and invest assets. Robo-advisors are often seen as superior toContinue reading “Robo Advisors – the future of financial advising?”

Artificial Intelligence: Advancing Machine Learning

Jobin Reji, King’s College London Introduction We have looked at AI in our previous articles and most recently, about the convenience it offers to traders as they execute deals. As a branch of computer science, artificial intelligence attempts to build machines capable of intelligent behaviour. Today we are to look at the role Artificial IntelligenceContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence: Advancing Machine Learning”

Square grows in Credit Payments by acquiring Afterpay

By Ismail Berbache, on 31/08/21 Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s company is buying the FinTech Afterpay for $29 billion. Payment in installments is booming, and there is a huge appetite for it. The American company Square, founded by Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and specializing in digital payments, has just put $29 billion on the table toContinue reading “Square grows in Credit Payments by acquiring Afterpay”