Are We in the Emerge of Decentralised Social Media?

Ilhan Yavuz Ataol, Queen Mary University of London Due to the massive developments in technology, digital platforms including media sharing platforms, knowledge platforms, and service-oriented platforms have become an essential part of our life. In addition to those platforms, social media is unarguably the foremost important digital platform for many people. Its addictive nature isContinue reading “Are We in the Emerge of Decentralised Social Media?”

A step-by-step process of blockchain:

By Samson Arman, King’s College London Intro: The term blockchain has been used more frequently over the last decade, but what does this mean? Despite appearing as a concept only expert minds can comprehend, the theory behind a blockchain is quite manageable for anyone to understand, regardless of education level. In a nutshell, blockchain isContinue reading “A step-by-step process of blockchain:”


Cryptocurrency has ​​undoubtedly become a popular way of spending money these days. Microsoft, Paypal, and Twitch are some of the notable companies that accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods. The NBA team Dallas Mavericks has joined the list as well, however they are preparing to try something different. The owner of the team Mark Cuban hasContinue reading “MARK CUBAN’S NEW PROMOTION FOR DOGECOIN: MAVS CRYPTOMANIA”

Cypherpunks: The Founders of Cryptocurrency

Ioanis Philippakos, ESADE Business School The advent of the internet is one of the most significant innovations in modern human history. It granted many possibilities, including interconnectedness, e-commerce, streaming services, financial transactions, digital economies, and dating apps. In September 1992, a group of notable, free-thinking, and optimistic programmers held a meeting in the San FranciscoContinue reading “Cypherpunks: The Founders of Cryptocurrency”


Ilhan Yavuz Ataol, Queen Mary University of London Afghanistan’s economy has been severely affected as the turmoil in the country has gotten increasingly worse. The former UN official states that Afghanistan’s Economy is weeks away from collapsing (Shalvey). This suggests that many Afghan citizens are on the verge of losing their financial assets. However, thereContinue reading “CRYPTO GIVES HOPE FOR FINANCIAL STABILITY IN AFGHANISTAN”

How Will New Laws Affect Crypto Investments in the US?

Pedro Rezende, King’s College London New regulations for cryptocurrencies could impact many US investors. Although it may become easier to report taxes on crypto, the IRS has set out to catch crypto tax evaders. In order to better comprehend the situation, it is vital to understand the current legislations on these digital assets in theContinue reading “How Will New Laws Affect Crypto Investments in the US?”

China’s Role in the 2021 Cryptocurrency Crash

Bitcoin fall In mid-June 2021, Bitcoin had fallen below $30,000 for the first time since January 2021, which was half of what it had been worth just 3 months before. This was attributed to fears that China is trying to ban cryptocurrencies completely.  China takes action The Chinese government began to issue warnings about tradingContinue reading “China’s Role in the 2021 Cryptocurrency Crash”

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Overview Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money that acts as a medium of exchange for individuals and businesses. It is secured through a system called cryptography: a science which utilizes encoding and decoding to keep privacy from malicious entities (also known as adversaries). Although it is not a novel invention, it has only caughtContinue reading “Introduction to Cryptocurrency”