Our Spring Week Application Guide You Need to Succeed

Stage 1: Application Organization CV Cover Letter Create a spreadsheet of the 25-30 firms you will apply Note open dates and apply as fast as you can for rolling applications Take some time to familiarize yourself with the divisions you are applying for.  Take some time to brainstorm your unique selling point compared to other studentsContinue reading “Our Spring Week Application Guide You Need to Succeed”

Dividend Taxes

Introduction Like most business activity around the globe, dividends are taxed according to each country’s specific rates, as they are a form of income. They are typically paid out quarterly to those holding shares in a company, and so are taxed quarterly.  Different countries have different rates of taxes, with Ireland boasting a hefty 51%Continue reading “Dividend Taxes”

Introduction to Stock Analysis

What are stocks? Stocks are a piece of the company which the company sells in the market in order to gain capital to invest in new ventures. Thus a person who owns a share of Apple owns a percentage of the company. These stocks can be bought or sold with other members in a marketContinue reading “Introduction to Stock Analysis”

Introduction to Disruptive Opportunities

Netflix: Movie & TV Streaming When I first heard about Netflix, I thought: Why would anyone prefer Netflix over blockbuster stores or even cable connections? Little did I know that a few years later it would become the holy grail for our generation. For millions, Netflix is the de-facto place to go for movie andContinue reading “Introduction to Disruptive Opportunities”