Introduction to Decentralized Finance

The termThe term DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance, was introduced in August 2018 in a Telegram chat between developers and entrepreneurs at Ethereum, including Inje Yeo from Set Protocol, Blake Henderson from 0x and Brendan Forster from Dharma. They discussed what to call the open finance application movement based on Ethereum. Other options considered wereContinue reading “Introduction to Decentralized Finance”

Do you know the identity of the whale behind the Dogecoin?

The Dogecoin bullish wave is over or a pullback after two months of unparalleled growth. In any case, the last fall of Dogecoin reminded us how fragile the crypto doge is. It took Elon Musk’s circus for her to lose 20 cents. There is not just that ! The fear that the major Dogecoin investorContinue reading “Do you know the identity of the whale behind the Dogecoin?”

The blockchain ecosystem holds up in Switzerland

Blockchain chronicle. For more than four years, Switzerland has hosted a large number of projects. Overview of this high potential ecosystem. 840 companies active in blockchain and cryptocurrency is the surprising figure shared by the Swiss Blockchain Federation last year. That is more than 4,400 jobs in the Zug crypto-valley alone.   Finma’s responsiveness inContinue reading “The blockchain ecosystem holds up in Switzerland”

The Powerful Social and Economic Impact of Modern FinTech

Husan Ravshanov, American University of Central Asia Emergence of FinTech As we all probably know, there have been rapid changes in the financial industry following Great Depression, and the more recent one – The Economic Crisis in 2008. And it may actually have facilitated the creation of the financial technology industry, as can be seenContinue reading “The Powerful Social and Economic Impact of Modern FinTech”

Online Banking or Traditional Banking?

Key Terms Online banking – managing your bank accounts via electronic devices, to accomplish different tasks which may include depositing checks, or transferring money. Attempting to contain the spread of Covid-19, most banks, including financial giants like JP Morgan and Barclays, were forced to function online. And of course, it came with great consequences whenContinue reading “Online Banking or Traditional Banking?”