About Us


We are an international student finance society in which members network across different elite universities around the world.

We write and publish articles about current events in finance from the perspective of an international student. Members will have the opportunity to learn about different sectors and be exposed to new ways of thinking.


We know how important it is in the business world to establish new connections and experience new cultures. By working in teams of students from different target universities, members of the Financial Pills International Student Finance Society will have a networking advantage moving forward in their careers. The team members in each group will be the students securing Spring Week and Internship spots at the world’s most prestigious banks and companies.

Members and readers are given the opportunity to receive and share advice from the world’s most successful undergraduate students. We are unique in that we encourage writers to use opinions and to discuss the environmental and moral impact of the financial events and opportunities at hand. In doing so, we are creating a generation of conscious investors.


Our target reading audience consists of motivated high school and undergraduate students interested in finance. By following our articles, the reader will see the mindset held by our writers in certain fields of finance before and after accepting Spring Week and Internship offers at the world’s most prestigious firms.

Readers will also have the ability to comment under articles and interact with writers. Our team is always happy to give advice and share our experiences!


Nino Sabella, ESADE Business School

Claudio Caruso, Università Bocconi

Rishi Ganeshan, Kings College London